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Hello World

Hello Healthcare World, this is our first blog post from our shinny re-branded new website.

Here at TC Projects we are looking forward to sharing our expertise with you built up from more than 25 years as project and programme managers. We are mainly focused on healthcare these days but our skills are drawn from many industries, manufacturing, distribution, oil and gas, central and local government along with international assignments and national projects in small enterprises and large corporations

So what are we doing?

Within our team we have vast knowledge on how to not only run projects successfully, especially in healthcare where we have been working in the main for the last 8 years but real life examples that our reader can apply to their own projects.

Throughout the national program and into the 5 year plan from Simon Stephens we have been helping NHS Trusts to make change, deliver benefits and see their organisations transform by moving patients from paper to electronic records.

It has not been easy at times and change doesn’t always happen at a fast pace but over the years we have built a model of how to deliver healthcare projects successfully. And it’s this that we want to share with you.

Plenty to come…

Our bread and butter is managing projects and programmes and delivering change in organisations successfully.

Over the next few months you will see our new website grow with real life examples, 60 minutes on-line webinars, 3 minutes snapshots of how to deal with everyday problems that occur on every project, detailed blogs which will develop into our project library of templates you can use in your healthcare projects.

We will show how you how to overcome the issues that we have faced many times in many settings and help you to make a positive impact in your organisation.

Think about how you’re communicating your project, are you keeping the right people informed about the right things? What is the best way to do this?– we have lots of tips and guides which we have used ourselves over the years….

How are you managing your project risks? Risks can halt a project in its tracks – if you manage your risks you will manage your project successfully – we have said this many times and it pretty much always turns out to be true. If a risk comes to fruition because it hasn’t been mitigated properly it will delay or even worse stop your project. It will increase costs, delay your go-live and impact on your reputation.  A failing project can easily damage hard won professional reputations.


What about resources? How do you manage difficult staff without incident and how to you recruit the best people for you team at the right time?

Have look at our white paper on Resourcing for ideas and tips on how to find the right people for the job. No matter where you are up to on your EPR journey we have no doubt we will be able to offer you something new that can benefit you and your project team.  Keep an eye on us over the coming months!

We will be adding new content and useful resources all the time, hot tips, simple short cuts to avoid failure, how to bring a project back from the brink– enter your email address below so we can send you regular updates and real life example that will assist you on a day to day basis.  Whether you are planning a project, implementing it or closing a project down there will be something for you…..

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